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Carpenter Cutting Wood

A family run woodworking shop

Gettysburg, PA​

Our Story

Grit 60 Rustics started as a shop in Rich and Sara Dooley's backyard.  In the beginning, Rich used the shop to teach his two children the carpentry skills he had learned at a young age.  Sara would sell the pieces they made, and very quickly they began receiving requests for custom pieces.  Realizing that this would be a great way to expand what they were teaching their children to life skills such as budgeting, planning, and interpersonal relationships, Rich & Sara formed the LLC and opened Grit 60 Rustics.  The company grew rather quickly, and became the most trusted name for handcrafted furniture and accent pieces in the area.
Today, The Grit 60 shop operates as both Grit 60 Rustics and Grit 60 Customs.  Offering a wide range of products to fit the needs and tastes of your family or business.  Above all, though, the shop still remains a family and learning environment.  The Dooley's children are often involved in many aspects of each project while their three dogs (Killian, Crispin, & Sam Adams) look on.

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Everything we build is made with the finest craftsmanship and skilled efficiency. Below you’ll find a small example of our work. Keep in mind that every item you see was custom built from the clients ideas and vision.  Our passion is making that vision into a reality. Use these examples as inspiration, or let us create something completely unique.  Please take a look at our Facebook and Instagram feeds for images and stories of our current projects.


Counter tops

Storage Bench.jpg

Benches and storage ​pieces


Accent pieces (wedding easels)


Kitchen tables


Indoor & Outdoor barn doors

Boswell Desks.jpeg

Computer and office desks


Cornhole Boards

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Carpenter at Work

Rich Dooley is incredibly talented! He's professional, yet approachable, and his commitment to his craft is evidenced in the quality of his work! I couldn't have been more pleased with the tables I commissioned! And my fraternity Brothers loved them too! Anyone looking for quality custom builds, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rich Dooley and Grit 60!

Elmer - Gettysburg, PA

"Very talented... Would recommend them highly for all your needs."

Maria - Boston, MA

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Instagram (current projects)

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1-203-RUSTIC-1 or 1-203-787-8421

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Legal information:

Returns on custom orders can usually not be honored (if a return is honored, any refund will exclude shipping, fees, and tax.)  Drawings and pictures will be provided upon the customer's request (charges MAY apply.)  50% deposit MAY be required, and full payment prior to delivery or shipment.

Carpenter Cutting Wood
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